Nathan Juju

"The Band That Lives in the Books."


CIC Publishing had the pleasure of bringing a fictional band to life in the EKKO Mysteries Trilogy. The band is Nathan Juju, and it was no small feat. But man-oh-man was it fun.


That meant writing and scoring music that fit the timeline of a classic rock band, so we hired some awesome musicians and wicked-cool engineers. After securing the studio time needed for the recordings, we got to work bringing Nathan Juju to life.


On the paperwork side of things, CIC handled the publishing tasks, including copyrights, licensing, and collective rights worldwide.


The video below, Paid at Midnight, is a testament to all the fun we've been having pimping our goods.


You can read about the band here, @


Hey, it's all in the name of fun, and we thank you for reading this.

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