The EKKO Mysteries Trilogy

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The EKKO Mysteries Book Trilogy

White Limousine

 CJ Singleton loves running sound and lights for rock concerts. A true pioneer in the world of sound design, he knows there’s more to music than just sound frequencies. Just before he embarks on a national tour, his family’s mysterious past begins to unfold. Sinister men now follow him everywhere. CJ has something that belongs to them, and they want it back. As the lights go down and the music comes up, the rock-n-roll audience gets more than they bargained for. His heart-pounding spectacles create ripples in the entertainment world, but how he achieves that is questionable and the unwanted attention is creating obstacles. He’s managed to stay a step ahead of everyone, but when a nasty female phantom goes after him, CJ is roughed up and abducted just before a concert. But are his captors’ ghosts … or something else?



Black Coffee

Soundman extraordinaire CJ Singleton has turned the music world on its head with his audiovisual effects. Throwing caution to the wind, he continues to cross the portals of time, dazzling the concertgoers with his shocking discoveries.That’s not going over so well with the phantoms. Accused of waging war with the spirit world, CJ is yanked from his environment and challenged with a paranormal stand off. They want the devices he uses to power the stage spectacles. CJ’s human pals are starting to demand some answers, but people with questions will have to get in line. Some terrifying phantoms have first dibs on CJ, and it’s not to commend him. Now that word is out in the spirit world, CJ’s life hangs in the balance with every move he makes. It’s getting tough to decipher who’s human, and who’s not.



Blue Violin

Combining storytelling with abandoned theaters seems to be a recipe for success, at least for those who enjoy delving into the unknown. But CJ’s not in charge of this show, and it’s a whole new set of rules. Finding other humans who share his passion is enlightening, but he can’t seem to break the ice and reveal his secret; that he has what they’re searching for. There’s been a breakthrough in his love hate relationship with the spirit world, but the electrifying step thrusts CJ disturbingly close to those who want a piece of his hide. The spirit world has done all it can do; now it’s up to CJ to decipher the clues and set them in motion. The time has come for the ultimate showdown, and this is one ancient battle that cannot be avoided.


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